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What you can expect out of your highlight video?

Perfect timeline planning to get the most content while still having time to enjoy your wedding day. 


Your wedding, your video, your style. Our video team are great listeners and you can count on the special moments of your day being capture in the moment as they happen, family and friends laughing and having fun!


Our videographers work directly with your photographer to ensure all the special moments are being captured in stills and on video. Our goal is to create a unique highlight video of your day that you can look back on all of the laughs, tears and special moments that you can be able to cherish for many years to come.

Turn around



Full RAW recording of ceremony and toasts


Coverage Time

All Event Video Coverage. Guarantees all main events are captured


Highlight Video

5-10 minute highlight video of your wedding day


Easy Viewing

Download and share your highlight video with ease!

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Cinematographers and wedding videographers are a big investment, how much does a Limelight Highlight Video cost?

We make everything so much easier and more affordable so when it comes to our Highlight Wedding Videos that very same concept is applied. Through years of research and asking hundreds of brides, grooms, and couples just like you ways to help reach a better value from their investment. Contact a Limelight Wedding Professional to discuss how affordable our Mobile Highlight Video services are. 

Check out our latest highlight videos

Some things to think about . . .

Limelight wants to be a good investment not only while you're planning and experiencing your wedding but for many years after as well. 

Knowing so many couples 3, 5, 10 years down the road aren't finding a lot of value in their full-length wedding video, Limelight is excited to offer a product that our brides and grooms will not only love immediately following the wedding but for many years after too.  By reading the many great benefits of having a wedding video done of your wedding you'll soon agree that it may be a service you will definitely want  for your wedding, but is there room in the budget when the average cost for a professional wedding video service is about the same if not more than your wedding photographer?

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Do you really need a FULL professional wedding film?

1.  Most people are a ball of nerves on their wedding day and describe the day as a blur. But spending thousands of dollars on a day doesn’t really seem worth it if you aren’t going to be able to remember it well. A video allows you to remember all those moments you would forget otherwise. And believe me, watching your spouse say their vows to you is worth remembering for the rest of your life.



2.  Marriage is the start of a new life together— a life that usually eventually includes children, grandchildren, and if you are lucky, great-grandchildren. And most people want to be able to share this amazingly important day with future generations. Who wouldn’t want to see their parents or grandparents get married? We know we would!


3.  Your day will fly by in a blur with all the excellent wedding planning you’ve done. You try to be as present as you can and enjoy each moment as you are living it, but it is impossible to remember all the details or be a part of every special moment at the wedding. A video empowers you to remember parts of your wedding that you can watch and cherish for years to come. A wedding photographer is a must at any wedding, but also consider that a picture can never capture the special moments with the same emotion a video can create. The moment you are turning around in the mirror to see yourself as a bride for the first time, the minute that your mother lovingly places your veil, or the expression your groom has when he sees you walking down the aisle towards him.  If your bridesmaid makes a funny speech a photo will only capture your friends and family laughing, but a video will capture the speech and the moment that made everyone crack up!


4.  Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your entire life. It is one of the few days where you get to be the focus and are surrounded by all the family and friends who love you.  It is a day where you have worked hard to create an atmosphere that is reflective of you, your spouse, and your life together.  Video can capture your memories of this day in a way photos just aren't able to achieve.  Your walk down the aisle comes to life with video as it captures each one of your steps along with all the smiles and tears of joy from family and friends.  A beautiful photo of you and your spouse exchanging vows may be stunning, but a video where you can hear those vows being exchanged can be absolutely magical!  Your wedding video makes your first dance a lasting memory with the captured sound, movement, and atmosphere not possible with an image alone. This is your day to shine, and you don’t want to miss the feeling of the day that can only be captured with wedding videography.


Well, the great news is with Limelight Entertainment & Photography's Mobile Highlight Video service, you can get a beautiful, fun to watch and creative wedding video with a turn around time that will blow your guests away for as low as under $1000. That's right, you can have Limelight's Mobile Video Highlight Service for as low as $995. Schedule a time to talk or meet with one of Limelight's wedding professionals by CLICKING HERE to visit our convenient online appointment scheduler. Set up a time that best fits your schedule to meet in our office or to set up a time for us to give you a call. 

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